Suitable for Crew and Drivers who undertake Dinghy Race Duties
The session will take 1-2 hours.  It is based in the Club House and outside on dry land
- you will not need to wear sailing gear; however, please wear appropriate outdoor clothes

Before attending

Please click on the links below and read them - we will explain them further at the Practice Session

  • Your responsibilities as Driver and Crew
  • The Safe Loading of SB LINK [Is this and other SB preparation docs available directly on the website?]
  • What clothing, footwear and buoyancy aid you need to wear
  • The importance of bringing reading glasses if you use them
  • That you may have to enter the water to

- assist someone, for example, in the unlikely event they have a head injury
- to help recover a dinghy, but only if you are confident in doing this

checking that all equipment

  • is in place, up to date, in good working order - using SB Equipment Checklist


  • your responsibilities as Driver and Crew
  • how to use an Orange Flair using a Dummy Orange Flair [Do we have a dummy orange flare. When would we use it? I thought flares were now redundant]
  • how to use the following:

Prepare SB Part 1-Before Moving LINK        Prepare SB Part 2-Check Stern of SB LINK 

Prepare Support 3-Check Fuel Locker LINK      Prepare Support 4-Check Fore of SB LINK

Recover SB LINK

Practise preparing the SB for launch

  • raising and lowering the engine before moving the SB
  • securing the large round buoy on land - if not needed - so that it does not blow away
  • securing the large round buoy to the SB, ready for towing, when on the water
  • inserting the expandable bung into the correct hole e. always pointing forward
  • checking the Water Outlet - middle of the prop - is clear of obstructions
  • using the brush to clean the Water Inlet Grills - just in front of prop - so they are clear of weed, mud, debris etc
  • throwing the throw bag
  • flushing the engine
  • securing the SB after use


Understand how to complete the SB Log, WhatsApp, and Incident Book

  • how to complete the SB Log including any equipment issues
  • the importance of posting any issues on WhatsApp, so they can be rectified ASAP
  • how to complete the Incident Book with any Safety Issues
  • know what type of Safety Issues you should record in the Incident Book and how to do this.

For further information, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.