PB2 qualified

Suitable for

  • Newly qualified PB2 drivers
  • New members who have not driven the LSC Support Boat (SB)
  • Drivers who wish to practice/develop/update their skills
  • All drivers as an annual refresher

A practical, on-water session, giving members the opportunity to become familiar with the
LSC Rigiflex Support Boat, and practise the skills they have learned on their PB2 course.

To practice

  • Checking that all crew are suitably dressed and wearing an appropriate buoyancy aid
  • Checking the weather, and launching conditions are appropriate and comply with
    LSC’s Sailing Instructions
  • Completing an equipment checklist
  • Preparing and launching the SB
  • Lowering and raising the engine
    - adjusting the trim for low and high-water conditions
  • Pre-start engine checks
  • Using KNIGHTs
  • Leaving the slipway
  • Navigating the channel from the slipway to outside the Lagoon entrance
  • Manoeuvring the SB in the harbour
    - always keeping one hand on the throttle, and the other on the wheel
    - ensuring all round visibility
    - driving forward and reversing
    - appropriate speed
    - figure of eights and pivot points
  • Picking up a mooring buoy
  • Man overboard using both methods: into wind; drift down
    - switching off the engine when dealing with a person in the water
  • Coming alongside and leaving the Committee Boat:  Little Holly
    - tying on
    - safely transferring people and equipment onboard
  • Holding Station
  • Anchoring
  • Completing the Incident Report Book and SB Log